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Re: [alpine-devel] Alpine 3.0.0 release candidate 2

From: Yves Schumann <>
Date: Wed, 28 May 2014 18:28:22 +0200

Hi _at_all

Am 28.05.2014 16:48, schrieb Natanael Copa:
> I have pushed Alpine 3.0.0 release candidate 2.


> I know for sure that NFS server still does not work and I have not been
> able to find out what goes wrong either. might be I'll delay this til
> the resolver rewrite in musl libc. (I suspect its related getaddrinfo
> and friends)

Hm, without nfs I'm unable to build edge-packages because I'm using nfs
to store the built results. :-/ In my case it's nfs client.

> I would really like to ship v3.0 this this week so if there are strong
> opinions which bugs I should try fix before that, please let me know.

You know my answer... ;-)

> I would love to get some help with testing of physical hardware, boot
> from usb and simlar.

Tried this on an "Acer Aspire One" but unfortunately with no success.
Here are the details:

- Boot up the box with RC2 (mini- and full-version tested)
- setup-alpine
- Choose "sys" as installation method
- Choose "sda" as media
- Answered all question regarding existing partitions with "y"
- Reboot the machine after finished installation

Now I got the following output on boot:

WARNING: No configuration file found
boot: _

With the blinking cursor at the end and nothing is going on. After
booting the install disk again and mounted sda1 > /mnt/sda1 and sda3 >
/mnt/sda3, there seems to be something missing on sda1 because there are
only the files "ldlinux.c32" and "ldlinux.sys" and the folder "lost+found".

Kind regards,

PS: Shouldn't there be a proper replyTo-Header or something similar to
send an answer to the mailing list instead of the author of the answered

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