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[alpine-devel] [Alpine 3.x] libusbx vs. libusb

From: Der Tiger <>
Date: Wed, 03 Sep 2014 01:06:08 +0200

According to :

"*libusbx* _was_ a fork of *libusb* <>, a library that
provides generic access to USB devices.
As of 2014.01.26, this project has been fully merged back into *libusb*
<> and is being discontinued.
Since there will be no further releases of *libusbx*, you are strongly
encouraged to switch to using *libusb* <>."

For the purpose of developing a packages using libusb*, I'd like to
know, if Alpine is going to migrate back to libusb replacing the
obsolete libusbx?

Regards, Tiger

Received on Wed Sep 03 2014 - 01:06:08 UTC