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[alpine-devel] [RFC] First draft: add Tkinter to python

From: Isaac Dunham <>
Date: Wed, 3 Sep 2014 13:44:24 -0700

I'm trying to get Tkinter in python; while I know that needs to wait for
tk to move to main, I'm not sure how to get the whole thing working right.

The biggest problem is that Tkinter needs Tk, which ultimately needs
libxcb, which in turn has python in makedepends.
But I'm not sure what's a good way to handle that.

Also, this would make quite a few things ultimately depend on X11.

Here is a patch that works to build Tkinter when PYTHON_TK is not set to

Any recommendations?

Isaac Dunham

Received on Wed Sep 03 2014 - 13:44:24 UTC