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Re: [alpine-devel] [3.1.0] Critical Issues with: [PATCH] main/ppp: upgrade to 2.4.7, split to modules

From: Natanael Copa <>
Date: Mon, 15 Dec 2014 17:03:41 +0100

On Thu, 11 Dec 2014 01:27:33 +0100
Der Tiger <> wrote:

> Hi Valery,
> Thank you for your update of pppd!
> Though, the current ppp* packages are missing the pon/poff utilities,
> which are certainly required by ifup/ifdown to set-up connections.
> In order to be able to connect any new Alpine installation to your
> chosen internet service provider, the ISO images of Alpine also need to
> contain _all_ ppp* sub-packages. The latest ISO images only include
> acf-ppp and ppp, which after the splitting of the package no longer have
> PPPoE/ATM/L2TP capability.
> As a consequence of the splitting, any upgrade from previous versions of
> Alpine render the router inoperable, if the router was set-up to connect
> to the internet via a PPPoE channel. This is kind of a dead end, since
> the router isn't able to connect to the internet the missing
> sub-packages can't be added, easily.
> What is the intention behind splitting the ppp package, anyway, because
> there isn't much disk space to be gained and all modules are only called
> on request?
> I ask you to, please,
> Either:
> * Include the pon/poff utilities in the ppp main package
> * and include all sub-packages in all ISO builds
> * and make the upgade script automatically install all sub-packages
> when upgrading from previous versions of Alpine
> Or:
> * Re-combine all ppp packages to a single package including pon/poff.
> I wonder if splitting the ppp package really was such a great idea. :-/

I have solved it by adding yet another subpackage called ppp-daemon and
moved all files in the current 'ppp' package to ppp-daemon, including
the pon/poff scripts. Then I added all the subpackages except -dev and
-doc as depends for the now empty 'ppp' package.

So with alpine 3.1.1, if you have 'ppp' in world, you will now get all
the subpackages pulled in when you upgrade. This should also pull in
the subpackages to the iso.

I think that should solve it all.



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