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[alpine-devel] python3 for alpine linux v3.2

From: Natanael Copa <>
Date: Mon, 12 Jan 2015 16:27:21 +0100


I'd like to move to python3 for alpine v3.2.

Options how to do that:

- we use python3 and add lots of py3-* apkbuilds. This will add
  maintenance work since you need upgrade 2 different packages each
  upgrade. This is likely the easiest way to get started with.

- we use python3 and for every currently py-* apkbuild we add a py3-*
  subpackage (or opposite). The point is that both python2 and python3
  modules are built from same APKBUILD. this reduces maintenance of
  modules but it will much work to update all current apkbuilds.

- we rename current python3 package to python and rebuild all py-*
  packages with python 3. This means that we basically drop support for
  python 2. If there are exceptions that we cannot port to python3,
  then we could add py2-* packages for those. This will likely make the
  migration for users a bit more painful than the other options.

Other ideas?

Any volunteers to work on this?


Received on Mon Jan 12 2015 - 16:27:21 UTC