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Re: [alpine-devel] Next Linux Kernel - Linux 3.18?

From: Der Tiger <>
Date: Mon, 13 Apr 2015 10:15:38 +0200


The Alpine kernel is grsec-hardened, which causes the kernel version to
be tied to (or limited by) the availability of grsec patches for the
kernel. Grsecurity favours long-term support versions of the kernel to
provide patches, but doesn't provide patches for each LTS kernel
version. By the time the grsec patches are available for a kernel
version, (potential) problems of the particular kernel series are well
know and (for the most part) fixed.

According to Grsecurity {1}, the next patch most likely will be for the
current stable kernel 3.19.3 (or a later 3.19.x).

_at_Natanael: Please, correct me, if I'm wrong.



On 13/04/15 08:21, Orion wrote:
> I'm curious of Alpine's policy of when to move to the next version of
> the Linux kernel? Would it be moving to the next LTS kernel (i.e.
> 3.18)? More importantly I'm interested in what is the Alpine
> community's policy/criteria for changing kernel versions.
> # Examples
> * Number of bug fixes
> * Highest LTS version
> * Time past for specific version
> * etc.
> Thank you all for your time. :D

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