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[alpine-devel] Re: xzdiff in xz package is broken on alpine linux

From: Lasse Collin <>
Date: Tue, 30 Jun 2015 18:38:40 +0300

On 2015-06-29 Michael Fox wrote:
> > I found this by running make check. It's probably due to xzdiff
> > being a shell script with some hair regexs and musl having some
> > regex incompatibilities in the name of standards compliance.

Thanks. It wouldn't be a surprise if xzdiff (or xzgrep) has a bug. A
little more information would be useful to find out what exactly is
causing a problem. :-) I already checked for \+ or + in regexes and
there are none in xzdiff or xzgrep.

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Received on Tue Jun 30 2015 - 18:38:40 UTC