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[alpine-devel] udev replacement on Alpine Linux

From: Alan Pillay <>
Date: Sat, 25 Jul 2015 21:11:41 -0300

Dear Alpine Linux developers and mailing-list lurkers,

udev is currently being used on Alpine version 3.2.2, but we all know
it detracts from the philosophy to keep things simple, small and
There are many programs out there that could replace udev and help
Alpine get in a better shape. I will list some that I know.

[mdev] there are 2 mdev implementations that I know, busybox's and
toybox's. On Alpine Linux, busybox already comes installed by default
(and its mdev comes with it, which is weird since it isn't currently
used, but I digress)
[smdev] smdev is an even simpler implementation of a device manager by
the well-known suckless developers. If it is mature enough, certainly
a high contender.
[eudev] a fork of udev from the gentoo developers. Doesn't appear to
be as small as others, but should be more easily integrated into
[vdev] a device manager with an approach a bit different, offers an
optional filesystem interface that implements a per-process view of
/dev. Possibly the least simple alternative, but interesting

I thought about using this means of communication so developers ca
discuss this matter that impacts the use of the Alpine Linux
distribution as a whole.
I am also emailing relevant parties (developers of the cited device
managers, so they can participate if they desire).
Thanks for the attention.


Received on Sat Jul 25 2015 - 21:11:41 UTC