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[alpine-devel] apk-tools ideas

From: Timo Teras <>
Date: Wed, 28 Oct 2015 18:17:56 +0200


Another ideas collection mail for post-3.3 time; this time for

My ideas box has following items:

- Support 'bare' root. The idea is to have boot-media managed by
  apk-tools, and be upgradeable using apk. It'd technically be one .apk
  that can be upgraded from fixed URL. Something like
  "apk --root /media/boot upgrade" or so. Of course alpine-iso / abuild
  would need to support creating boot images in compatible format. They
  should also support creating boot-media / firmware package by giving
  in an apkovl for easy roll out of appliances. But that's another

- Potentially update the package format to use pax-headers instead
  of .PKGINFO and .SIGN.* meta-data files. This would allow extraction
  with tar and there would be no extra files extracted.

- Rework "repositories" file so that it apk config manages $MIRROR and
  $BRANCH. So upgrading branch/changing mirror changes config file, not
  the repository config. Similar to apt sources.list format.

- Elliptic Curve signature support

- Tracking what services to restart after upgrade, see:
  Though, migrating to s6-rc was also in the discussion so that might
  affect things if it happens.

- Merging of pre/post and install/upgrade scripts to single script

- Have apk add users/groups from .PKGINFO meta data instead of
  requiring scripts for that

and few other more of minor bug fix issues.

Any other ideas? Or comments on the priorities?


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