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[alpine-devel] libnss-winbind ABI disagrees with glibc ABI for NSS modules

From: Josiah Worcester <>
Date: Fri, 28 Oct 2016 22:25:39 +0000

I've been working on writing an nscd for musl systems ( ). This nscd assumes the glibc ABI for
NSS modules is in place. Unfortunately, if nss.h is not present at compile
time for Samba, then it uses its own version of the NSS ABI (in;a=blob;f=nsswitch/winbind_nss.h;h=05e07ad5d3137ffaecec9656298222a81451ce59;hb=HEAD
which does not quite match.
I'd like to continue supporting the glibc ABI for NSS modules, to
potentially let proprietary NSS modules continue to function. To do this,
Samba will need to have an appropriate nss.h around.

I suppose if musl-nscd were in alpine upstream, then just depending on a
dev package would be appropriate. For now, I feel like the appropriate
thing would be to copy nss.h into the apkbuild (e.g. from ), and make
sure Samba uses it. Think this could get done?

Received on Fri Oct 28 2016 - 22:25:39 UTC