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[alpine-devel] Shell scripts

From: Gemsbokella <>
Date: Wed, 02 Nov 2016 17:24:32 -0400

Hello, I discovered Alpine Linux the other day and I immediately fell in love with it. I also enjoy writing shell scripts (well... you know how it is) and I'd therefore be more than happy to write some.

I found a #TODO in saying you are in need of a GPU driver detection script, so I have it a shot. I think I've just finished writing it. However, I have some questions:

1) I did not find any code guidelines. Can I just make the scripts however I feel like or should I try to mimic the ones you had written before?
2) Do you have any special requirements (i.e., do not create new files, etc.) or do I have free reign while making scripts?
3) Do you require help at all?
4) Is there any easy way to get feedback?
5) Do I just commit the script or should I discuss it beforehand with someone else?

Thank you for reading this post.

Received on Wed Nov 02 2016 - 17:24:32 UTC