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[alpine-devel] Chronyd blocks boot for ~5s. How can I improve this?

From: 段垚 <>
Date: Wed, 15 Mar 2017 14:50:02 +0800


I'm new to Apline and just installed Apline 3.5.2 to hard disk (in
Virtualbox, x86_64) with default options. During the boot, I note that
chronyd takes ~5 seconds to start, which I think is too much. How can I
improve this?

Wireshark shows that there are 3~4 NTP requests sent during the boot
with a interval ~2s, I think this explains why chronyd takes so much
time to start. But why can't it do this in background?

I try to start chronyd in command line, it also takes >5s before going
to background:

# rc-service chronyd stop
  * Stopping chronyd ...
# time chronyd
real 0m 7.37s
user 0m 0.00s
sys 0m 0.00s

However I failed to find an option for command line or configure file to
change this behavior.

Duan, Yao

Received on Wed Mar 15 2017 - 14:50:02 UTC