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Re: [alpine-devel] Code of Conduct

From: 7heo <>
Date: Fri, 12 May 2017 10:36:27 +0000

The human rights were written, to the top of my knowledge, by white men (one could possibly even come up with a more inclusive definition, by including criterias such as age, size, BMI, etc).

It's not because we have predominant common factors that we will be unable to comprehend or perceive challenges that others undure.

We are all Humans, and the paragraph two is meant as a catch-all for abuses towards Humans (if I remember correctly, awilfox was supporting it, saying something along the lines of "no personal attacks, and you're good"), no matter their individual characteristics.

Making it more explicit, and detailing each case is a role a refuse to take, as it will exponentially increase the pain of discussing and redacting the CoC; merely for each one of us (Humans, as opposed to white men privileged with no understanding of pain and suffering, nor difficulty) to feel specially covered (as opposed to inclusively covered) by a document that only would apply for a ridiculously small case (interaction with members of the Alpine community, and within the community ONLY).

In short I'm not against asking around, but please be careful who you ask: if this becomes the kind of long and complicated debate attracting mobs of lobbyists from any side that have been seen in other communities (and I'm sure the consequences of such an event on the Alpine community at large will be as grim as they are on other communities), thing that a short CoC like this is primarily supposed to prevent; I will be stopping to feel concerned by any of this, and will definitely ignore everything related, even remotely, to this CoC.

Let's make our CoC as we like our software. Simple, reliable, and small.


On Friday, May 12, 2017, Laurent Bercot wrote:
> Thank you, Theo, for undertaking this.
> I have a small meta point to make: to the best of my knowledge, the
> Alpine
> community, although much friendlier than the majority of tech
> communities
> out there, is not exactly diverse. We are overwhelmingly white men -
> nothing wrong with that, but we have not experienced harassment as other
> people have, and I'd be reluctant to endorse a CoC without at least
> having
> it reviewed by people who are more likely to be on the receiving end of
> online abuse, by people who can bring experience or at least another
> perspective on this.
> So, can we please bring women, trans people, non-white people, disabled
> people, in the conversation? or at least, if we know such people in
> tech,
> can we simply run the CoC drafts by them and see if they notice
> something
> that we wouldn't ?
> Thanks,
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> Laurent
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