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Re: [alpine-devel] A few questions about Alpine

From: William Pitcock <>
Date: Sat, 10 Jun 2017 18:17:58 -0500


On Sat, Jun 10, 2017 at 5:27 AM, A. Wilcox <> wrote:
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> Hello Alpine developers,
> I’m A. Wilcox, the leader of the Adélie Linux distribution. We are a
> distribution which, like Alpine, use the musl libc. We are presently
> using Gentoo’s Portage system for package building, but unfortunately
> we feel that the Gentoo ecosystem is no longer suitable for use.
> Our goals for Adélie are as follows:
> - - A lightweight desktop distribution that is user-friendly while still
> remaining a powerful Linux system underneath, built on technologies
> like the musl libc.
> - - Support for many CPU architectures including some that Alpine does
> not yet support (we already have PPC32 and experimental MIPS support).
> - - The ability for users to build some packages the way they want while
> still remaining a binary-first distribution (like FreeBSD’s ports vs
> pkg).
> As such, we are considering “rebasing” our distribution on Alpine
> Linux. We have a few questions and ideas to think about before we
> would go ahead.
> 1. If we had either a different set of patches for a package, or our
> patches allowed different features in a package to be built that are
> currently unavailable in Alpine, would Alpine be willing to evaluate
> including them in the Alpine APKBUILD?

Yes, absolutely.

> 2. Does the abuild utility support multiple repositories of packages?
> How are build-time dependencies resolved in abuild? If we had our
> own mesa package, for an example, would abuild be able to build
> against ours when we build packages from the Alpine package tree? Or
> would we need to maintain a fork of the Alpine tree and maintain our
> changes in the same tree?

abuild has no repository awareness at all. It just looks at APKBUILD files.
We use aports-build to run the buildservers which generate the actual repos.

> 3. Would support for build-time configuration settings (like FreeBSD’s
> ports OPTIONS or Gentoo’s portage USE) be welcomed in abuild? This
> would allow us (and our users) to build packages how we want while
> still having the defaults remain the same in Alpine upstream.

Yes, this is a planned feature already. We just haven't gotten around
to making a spec for how it will look in an APKBUILD.

> 4. Is Alpine interested in ports to other architectures supported by
> musl including PPC32 and MIPS?

Yes. We would like to have all architectures supported by musl as
release architectures.
I am planning on doing MIPS64 in the 3.7 release series.

> 5. Would support for alternative shells in abuild be a welcome
> addition (allowing abuild to run in shells including Busybox, bash,
> zsh, etc)? These changes would only be to more firmly align abuild
> with the POSIX shell standard where applicable.

This is probably OK, as long as it retains compatibility with Alpine's /bin/sh.

> 6. Would there be any interest in jointly creating some user-facing
> utilities to make the abuild experience a more pleasant one for users?

We are open to proposals to do so, as the point was to enable such
things in the first place.


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