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Re: [alpine-devel] Adélie on Alpine, two months later

From: Jakub Jirutka <>
Date: Mon, 24 Jul 2017 22:46:44 +0200


I strongly disagree that Patchwork is a great tool, at least the current version we have.

I can’t imagine something that can be worse, less productive than Patchwork. It’s more or less just bad a web UI for mailbox. There’s no clear relation between related patches, ’cause it’s just nearly impossible to reconstruct such information from separated patches in mail. It’s simply not possible to set any reasonable integration with CI on top of this. Not even talking about its “support” for code-reviews, that is more or less non-existing.

Patchwork is based on ancient workflow from CVS era. Pull/Merge request, the feature in GitHub, GitLab and other git-based tools, is proper git-way. It starts and ends with git. You create new branch in your clone of the repository, push some commits and opens a pull request (this can be done from CLI ofc, but well only via vendor-specific API). On git level, pull request is a reference in the target git repository. Maintainer can work with it directly via git (see, without leaving terminal. When the contributor push new changes to the pull request, maintainer can simply pull them via git and view in context, it’s just a branch.

Comments on pull requests are unfortunately not stored in git (they can be, but GH/GL don’t do that), so this happens outside of git (yet still can work with it from CLI).

I’m one of the Alpine devs who interacts with user contributions the most. I don’t use our Patchwork at all, because it’s unreasonable waste of my time to work with such bad tool. Mostly for lack of CI integration, but not just that. It’s really horrible for reviews. I understand that it may be quite comfortable for contributors (that don’t know git), but I believe that only to the moment when changes are requested.

I understand why some ppl don’t like GitHub (it’s third-party commercial service after all), but what I really don’t understand is how can anyone say minimalism and Mailing-List/Patchwork in one sentence. Have you ever considered the “mail” part of it? Mails are insanely complex nowadays.

Sorry for grammar, I wrote it in hurry.


> On 24. Jul 2017, at 21:50, Jean-Louis Fuchs <> wrote:
> Hi
> On Mon, Jul 24, 2017 at 10:20:17AM -0500, A. Wilcox wrote:
>> Duly noted. I would ask if there are any plans to install something
>> like GitLab, Pagure, or Phabricator for Alpine at some point, but I
>> don't really want to open such a can of worms :)
> Alpine uses patchwork, which is a great tool developed at ozlabs.
> Patchwork 2.0 will support RESTAPI events, so you can plugin almost
> anything into patchwork (Jenkins for example). I love the
> mailinglist/patchwork approach, because I am a hopeless minimalist
> (using only terminal programs and a browser). I hope Alpine will
> continue into build into that direction.
> I have use GitHub a lot, while disliking it for various reasons.
> Best,
> Jean-Louis

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