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[alpine-devel] Bootstrap rust on Alpine ppc64le

From: Roberto Oliveira <>
Date: Tue, 17 Oct 2017 22:35:17 -0200


I'm trying to bootstrap rust on Alpine ppc64le and I saw that Jirutka and Shiz
did the bootstrap on Alpine x86_64, so maybe they or anyone can help me.

I saw the thread[1] about bootstraping rust on Alpine x86_64 and the gist that
Japaric created [2].
I created a target for "powerpc64le_unknown_linux_musl" and added it to rust
(tag 1.20.0). I used the script provided by Japaric in an Ubuntu ppc64le
container and the musl cross built successfully. However when building rust, it
fails with error:

Building stage1 compiler artifacts (powerpc64le-unknown-linux-gnu ->
error: cannot produce dylib for `rustdoc v0.0.0
(file:///home/rustbuild/rust/src/librustdoc)` as the target
`powerpc64le-unknown-linux-musl` does not support these crate types

I saw that PR[3] added support for dynamic linking with musl, so I tried to
build rust 'master' branch, that contains these patches, but it is failing with
the same error.

I also tried to add "base.dynamic_linking = true" in
src/librustc_back/target/ as suggested in [4], but didn't work

Any idea what I can do to fix/workaround this error?

Roberto Oliveira

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Received on Tue Oct 17 2017 - 22:35:17 UTC