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[alpine-devel] Halt CI on missing testsuite/check

From: Carlo Landmeter <>
Date: Tue, 24 Oct 2017 15:46:15 +0200

Hi friends,

I was going over the PR queue yesterday and found out that many of our
developers/contributors found their way to github and help us to bump
of packages which are out of date. We appricate the time spend but it would
great if those contributors could also take care of the recent addition of
testsuite support (aka abuild check).

The idea is to add a check function to our apkbuilds and run tests that are
created by upsteam in their scripts. Examples of such tests suites are
"make check" and "make test". If for any reason upstream did not include any
testsuites an alternative could be to just add a simple cmd --help >
to atleast make sure the resulting binaries actually work.

If by any chance the included testsuites fail it would be nice if
would try to fix them (send patches upstream) or else atleast indicate why
fail and add a message to the commit log and set options to include !check.

To actually gain attention regarding testsuites my suggestion would be to
require testsuites (abuild check) on our current CI. I wrote a small patch
to let abuild halt if check is not found (currently it only issues a



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