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[alpine-devel] KDE Plasma packaging in Alpine

From: Oliver Smith <>
Date: Thu, 26 Oct 2017 18:57:00 +0000

Dear alpine-devel,

two derivatives of Alpine Linux, Adélie and postmarketOS, are working on
getting KDE Plasma upstreamed for Alpine. From the discussions in
#alpine-devel, it seems clear that Alpine developers are not against
including it and both groups are currently working together on
upstreaming KDE Frameworks Tier 1[1] (which is basically the first group
of packages, that makes sense to be upstreamed before the next group

However, Adélie needs the LTS version (which makes sense to ship a
stable experience for desktop users), while postmarketOS needs the
latest stable (because plasma mobile[2] is still in development and
depends on that). For some context, I'm involved in the latter project.

This topic came up in #alpine-devel yesterday, and we were told, that we
should take this to the mailing list to get more opinions from Alpine
developers, especially from ncopa.

The question is: Does it make sense for Alpine to ship both versions?

In theory we could implement this by shipping the latest greatest
packages with a "-current" suffix. But then again, KDE Plasma is not
that small and means quite a lot of maintenance effort. The derivatives
would maintain the packages, but for a package or update to land in
Alpine, Alpine devs need to review and approve them, so this means
additional work for Alpine, too.

In case the answer to the question above is "no, let's do LTS only!",
kaniini suggested yesterday, that it could be possible to use Alpine's
building infrastructure to provide builds for the "-current" versions as
unsupported packages. I would also be very interested in opinions
regarding that statement. (Related alpine-infra post[3].)

Thanks for reading!
Oliver Smith


Received on Thu Oct 26 2017 - 18:57:00 UTC