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Re: [alpine-devel] Improving Alpine Linux documentation

From: Consus <>
Date: Wed, 13 Dec 2017 01:59:33 +0300

On 15:36 Tue 12 Dec, A. Wilcox wrote:
> Is this channel available on Matrix as well?

Honestly, I don't know. It was not me who created it.
> This is how we do it in Adélie. It seems to work well.

Do you have third-party (non-core) contributors? I believe that this
model adds additional complexity for the regular folks. It would be nice
to have a positive example.
> I'm glad that Alpine core still realises that. I have been worried
> lately that there is too much buy-in to GitHub from the Alpine
> developers. Do we really want all of that valuable discussion about
> PRs and such locked away in a corporation's databases? How long will
> GitHub stay afloat before turning to ads, pay-to-use, or even just
> plain disappear from the Internet?

Well, it's Git. If GitHub goes dark, there is gitlab / bitbucket / etc.
The migration will be instant. But still, it's better to have the tool
that you can control yourself.
> Reduce, but not eliminate. Honestly, the only true way to eliminate
> spam is to have closed registrations (you have to poke an Alpine
> person to get an account on the wiki). But that adds a lot of work,
> so it probably isn't a good solution. Requiring valid email will take
> out 80% of it so I suppose that's a very good start.

Actually, I want to have a chat with Archlinux wiki maintainers about
the spam-reducing. They solved this problem somehow.
> I don't think any of this should be stored on the wiki. All of this
> should be on the main site, and never on the Wiki. It certainly won't
> change very often, so there's no reason to need for the community to
> be able to edit it.

Yeah, sure, why not. Archlinux an Gentoo just keep this stuff on the
site directly. This opens a question: what else may be considered
sensitive enough? If nothing more than that, than (in my opinion) Wiki
is the perfect match for now, if the spam problem will be solved.

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