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[alpine-devel] Version numbers for daily build packages

From: Rainer Gerhards <>
Date: Sun, 28 Jan 2018 18:10:30 +0100

Hi all,

we (the rsyslog project) would like to build daily packages for
Alpine. I have checked APK sources, but still am a bit puzzled on how
we should name these versions. The idea is that a stable version
should always update over an equal-target-version daily build, but new
daily builds should automatically be updated.

Ex: currently 8.32.0 is our stable version, 8.33.0 is being worked on.
So far I found that we could use this scheme:

8.32.0 -> current stable
8.33g<date>, e.g. 8.33d20180128 -> daily builds
8.33.0 -> next release

apk --test tells me
8.32.0 < 8.33d2018... < 8.33.0

... but I wonder if there is a better/more standard way in Alpine of doing this.

Feedback is appreciated,

Received on Sun Jan 28 2018 - 18:10:30 UTC