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[alpine-devel] abuild does not handle tags for makedepends

From: Ferris Ellis <>
Date: Sat, 10 Feb 2018 08:58:08 -0500


This is my first post to this group! So I apologize in advance if there's a
format I should be following and am not.

I seem to have found a bug in abuild and went to file it but saw that
Github's clone of abuild currently has issues disabled. Thus I thought I'd
post it here. If there's somewhere else this should be filed please let me
know and I'm happy to do it :)


I am running Alpine 3.7 and working on packaging buildah ( for it. I added "go" to
makedepends with the line *makedepends="go_at_community=1.9.2-r1"* however
when I attempt to build the package I get the following error:

ERROR: unsatisfiable constraints:
    masked in: _at_community

This seems to indicate that abuild isn't grabbing the tag. I thought maybe
I had formatted it wrong but when moving the tag to the end I get back the

ERROR: 'go=1.9.2-r1_at_community' is not a valid dependency, format is

Which clearly seems to imply that abuild supports tags.


Received on Sat Feb 10 2018 - 08:58:08 UTC