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[alpine-devel] 4.14.18-vanilla breaks framebuffer console on QEMU VMware

From: Steffen Nurpmeso <>
Date: Sat, 10 Feb 2018 23:14:00 +0100


So i have switched the server to 4.14.18 which does not even
require nopti there, but the console does not show up.
It happens that this is a known issue [1,2,3]. The conclusion of
[3] was

  I disabled CONFIG_FB_SIMPLE and CONFIG_X86_SYSFB for now on master
  and SLE12 branches.

and [1] says

  If you read <> there was a
  patched proposed to change it to 'N' and/or to depend on FB_SIMPLE, but
  that patch never made it into linux.

  Nor did <> or

  I tried to contact David Herrmann himself, but never got a reply.

  So I think Debian should disable X86_SYSFB for now, too.

I try it now with the suggestion via grub2 configuration given by

  This is when using gfxpayload=keep. If I manually switch to
  gfxpayload=text, I don't see this problem - there is no "EFI VGA"
  mentioned in dmesg.

Maybe something to consider.


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