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Re: [alpine-devel] RFC: Introducing tools-base meta package

From: Cág <>
Date: Wed, 14 Feb 2018 19:23:59 +0000

A. Wilcox wrote:

>> sbase - portable Unix utilities (cat, du, ls etc.);
> I am vaguely interested in this. Does it implement POSIX options?

Mostly. See

>> sinit - a simple init;
> Does this integrate with other service managers (like OpenRC, s6) or
> does it only work with svc? Do you have a link?

I am sure it does. It's correct in the vision of the project.

"What PID 1 Should Do
When your system boots up the kernel is executing a given binary in
its known namespace. To see what are the only tasks the application
running as pid 1 has to do, see sinit
( Just wait for child process to reap
and run some other init scripts."

>> nawk - the One True Awk;
>> pigz - for gzip
>> iproute2 - for various net utilities;
>> sdhcp - a small DHCP client;
> Haven't heard of this one, is it from the same people as sbase?

nawk is bwk's awk, pigz is from zlib devs, iproute2 is everywhere these
days, sdhcp is a suckless project (

>> curses - NetBSD curses.
> Have you looked in to pdcurses? How does it compare?

I am afraid I haven't. Both should be rather compared to ncurses.

>> What's missing (stty, patch, diff etc.) can be pulled from BSDs or
>> Heirloom.
> Adélie ships heirloom-devtools if you want Real Unix make, m4, lex,
> yacc, etc in APK format :)

That's cool :) pkgsrc ships all Heirloom utilities, I think Arch does

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