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[alpine-devel] Informal package testsuite day: March 2, 2018

From: William Pitcock <>
Date: Tue, 27 Feb 2018 12:19:10 -0600


I would like to announce that I am organizing a day where I am
committing testsuites to as many packages as possible.

The main reason why I am announcing this, is because if you're
interested in adding testsuites to packages, I will be available all
day to commit those changes on your behalf, just ping me in

I invite other Alpine developers to join me in that effort of course :)

Please note that I will not accept packages that add a check()
function that just runs `$binary --version`, the reason why is that
most programs are structured like this:

void version(void) {
    printf("foo v1.0\n");

int main(int argc, const char *argv[]) {
    if (argc < 2 || !strcmp(argv[1], "--version"))

Accordingly, a check() function that just runs `$binary --version` is
essentially worthless. check() functions should either run a
testsuite or actually perform a real computation with the software to
verify the software is functional.

Together, we can get check() functions in all packages, lets see how
many we can do this Friday!


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