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Re: [alpine-devel] How to improve quality control for patch reviews

From: Oliver Smith <>
Date: Mon, 30 Jul 2018 23:30:00 +0000

Hey everyone,

I had looked into CI quality improvement tools for aports at some point,
and found these:
* shellcheck: catches lots of shell errors, can be set to POSIX shell
* shfmt: could be used to enforce a certain syntax in the shell (similar
  to PEP8 for Python)

(we're using shellcheck in pmbootstrap/aports for post-install scripts
so far, not for APKBUILDs yet, but that should also work)

The catch is, that both are not packaged for Alpine yet.

Another point where automation could help is soname breakage: sometimes
one package get updated, but other packages depending on it do not get a
pkgrel bump. The APKINDEX file already contains information which
programs depend on which sonames, so it is possible to figure out what
will break. We have such a CI job for postmarketOS packages in
pmbootstrap (written in Python), and if there's interest, I could port
it so it works independently in Alpine's aports repository. (I'm pretty
busy right now, so it will take me a while though.)


Natanael Copa:
> Hi!
> We have had a few complaints from Jakub Jirutka about qualtiy control.
> A recent example is
> We do struggle with keep up with the PR queue and at the same time do
> good enough quality control. I also think we may have different
> opinions what is good enough.
> I wonder if you have any ideas how we deal with this?
> A few things I think we can do:
> - improve documentation. Write documentation with a simple checklist
> you can look over before you submit a PR. For example, "check that
> license is in SPDX format[1]", "check that it does not automatically
> start services from pre-install", etc. This will make it easier for
> people doing patch reviews and can be useful when adding automated
> checks.
> - add more automatic checks
> - give more people push access. Look for people that are candidates to
> get push access. Help them to improve. Follow up when they are "good
> enough".
> Any other ideas or thoughts?
> -nc
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