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[alpine-devel] Alpine and armv7

From: Oliver Smith <>
Date: Wed, 19 Sep 2018 07:26:00 +0000

Hello Alpine friends,

how about providing packages for the armv7 architecture in Alpine?

This has been discussed quite a few times in IRC and even proposed on
the ML in 2015 [1], but not really with a result. I've also talked to a
few Alpine developers independently about it, and each time the result
was basically, that they would want that.

Let me re-iterate the common talking points:

* What's the advantage?

Programs would be optimized for armv7 instead of armv6, thus giving them
a good speed improvement and smaller binaries due to thumb2.

A more specific use case would be QT's QML framework, which has a JIT
compiler for armv7 but not for armv6 [2].

* Which devices are armv6 anyway?

The most relevant ones would be the Raspberry Pi 1 and Zero. Other than
that, most arm devices are armv7 ones.

* Replace armv6 with armv7? Or provide it as additional architecture?

Initially I would have preferred to have armv7 as additional
architecture. But of course that means it needs twice the resources, and
getting that out of thin air doesn't seem to be realistic for Alpine. So
my opinion has shifted, I think replacing armv6 with armv7 would be nice

* is there anyone who insists on Alpine keeping armv6 support?
* what would be the steps required to get armv7 going with Alpine and
how can I help out?

Best regards,


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