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Re: [alpine-devel] Help needed for porting rust

From: A. Wilcox <>
Date: Thu, 4 Oct 2018 14:20:59 -0500

On 10/04/18 10:27, Kevin Chadwick wrote:
>> openbox
> Out of interest, may I ask why openbox is on that list as AFAIK, it's C
> has not been touched in 3 years and doesn't utilise rust?

It depends on librsvg. Adélie is specifically shipping an older version
of librsvg to prevent the Rust dependency unless and until we are able
to ship Rust on all of our architectures, but Alpine has forged ahead
and bumped to the version that requires Rust.

Porting Rust is hell, BTW. We've spent at least two months on it, and
right now we have:

* working on x86_64
* working on ppc64
* syntax error in rust compiler during stage2 build on arm64
* crashing (segfault) during stage1 build on pmmx (i586)
* crashing during bootstrap on ppc in pthreads code

Since Firefox 52 ESR is EOL we are pretty desperate to make this happen,
and I'd say a good 10+ hours of my time every week has gone in to trying
to make it work. We also have a contributor who has spent basically all
his free time in the past month working on it. It's bad.


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