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Re: [alpine-devel] Alpine-linux virtualization and blobs

From: Oliver Smith <>
Date: Fri, 23 Nov 2018 05:34:00 +0000

> Hi There,
> i was wondering about two things:

More like four things :p

> 1- how much possible we can see alpine-linux as template for Qubes OS?

This should be possible, if you want to invest some effort into it. I'm
using Qubes OS myself and it would be nice if using Alpine as VM
template was an option. See the Qubes OS docs for more information:

> 2- how much Alpine Linux can be the Qubes OS? (needs compatibility with xen)

I think Xen compatibility is enabled, you can check the kernel configs
yourself here:

> 3- Does Alpine contains non-free software?

There's proprietary firmware, but AFAIK no proprietary userspace
software (most of it would not run out of the box with musl anyway).

> 4- is it compatible with FSDG ?

No, because of the firmware blobs.

> Thx!
Best regards,

Received on Fri Nov 23 2018 - 05:34:00 UTC