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[alpine-devel] Upgrade llvm to version 6

From: Milan P. Stanić <>
Date: Fri, 8 Feb 2019 00:32:22 +0100


As promised on #alpine-devel here are notes what I found about state
with llvm.

Disclaimer: I am not expert in the field of llvm, better say I'm novice
to be honest.

We have community/llvm3.9 already and it doesn't need any work, except
maybe removal or move to testing as nothing depends on it AFAIK. Maybe
someone have something in private repositories and because that maybe
this version should stay in aports.

We have main/llvm5 which is also fine and probably doesn't need any
upgrade and can stay as some packages makedepends on it.

llvm7 is at the version 7.0.1, released at 21 Dec 2018, but this version
have problems with gcc 8.2.x toolchains especially on musl and the
upstream announced new release 7.1.0 but didn't tell nothing about time
of the release.

So I worked to add llvm6 version 6.0.1 released at 5 Jul 2018.
I prepared aport patches for llvm clang lld and llvm-libunwind.
I added new aport main/llvm6 with llvm6 of course, and rest of
'batteries' upgraded in place, i.e. changed APKBUILDs, fixed build
problems, removed some patches, some added and some reworked.
Tried to build on three arch's: x86_64, aarch64 and armv7 with
'abuild -r' and they passed on all of them.

I've rebuilt crystal lang with llvm6 without any error, but test failed
and this is not problem with llvm but bug is in crystal.

In a day or two will try to rebuild rust to see how it works.

I have ready aports patches if it they are acceptable to be applied in a
way/method I described.

But, if anyone of you have some expertise in llvm it would be nice to
comment whatever you think, and what could be useful for Alpine to have
llvm in good shape.

n.b. sorry for my awkward English

Received on Fri Feb 08 2019 - 00:32:22 UTC