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[alpine-devel] Sway: Upgrade 1.0_rc2-r0 -> 1.0_rc4-r1 results in missing cursor

From: Matt Hill <>
Date: Sun, 3 Mar 2019 14:29:30 +0000


Running Alpine on Virtualbox, upgrading sway (in testing) from
1.0_rc2-r0 -> 1.0_rc4-r1 results in no visible mouse cursor. This is
100% reproducible for me, by rolling back using Virtualbox's snapshots I
can see it's definitely a result of that upgrade, which also upgrades
wlroots as a dependency.

Now, Virtualbox has only recently been able to run Sway, as of v6.0,
using the new VMSVGA graphics controller (I *think* via vmwgfx module),
so there's every chance that a change in Sway is now hitting a bug in

I'm sending this to the alpine-devel list since this package is in
testing, and I hope I'm being helpful by doing so. Apologies if it
should go somewhere else, let me know.



Received on Sun Mar 03 2019 - 14:29:30 UTC