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Re: [alpine-devel] Normalizing Python packages in aports

From: Steffen Nurpmeso <>
Date: Mon, 11 Mar 2019 15:09:17 +0100

Drew DeVault wrote in <20190310161822.GC1674_at_homura.localdomain>:
 |On 2019-03-09 7:48 PM, A. Wilcox wrote:
 |> hon_2_removal
 |> I hope this helps your efforts in some way. I would like to see Python
 |> 2 removed from all distros.
 |Cheers, this should make it easier.

Python 2 is needed for the mailman ML manager.
Only the plain python2 though, dnspython must be .. ah it is in
ports now. Never tried this via package until now, however, it
was not there when i set things up. Will try out soon.
I have no opinion on any other python package, but it would be
tremendous if at least the mailman related binaries were kept --
am i really the only one who uses the elder but still supported
mailman that just works (which should be interpreted as a personal
impression not as a statement on newer mailman or so) on Alpine?
All the -- to me, at least -- important MLs seem to run with the
old mailman that uses Python2. (In fact i cannot recall at the
moment that i ever have subscribed to one which uses the new!)


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