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[alpine-devel] Meeting: Teams and Organizations

From: Kevin Daudt <>
Date: Mon, 18 Mar 2019 20:33:46 +0100

Yesterday (Sun march 17th), we held a meeting on irc in #alpine-meetings
to get the ball rolling on formalizing and expanding the Alpine Linux
team structure like some have proposed on the mailing list.

The two proposals are:


The meetig notes and log can be found here:

# Teams and Organization
## Roll Call
* Present: SpaceToast danieli fcolista _ikke_
## Goal of the meeting
* [DRAFT - Alpine Linux SIGs - Google Docs](
* [Burning Rubber Paste](
* agenda:
* Teams help with delegating work. This does require people to be
  available and get the necessary permissions to do their work
* It's also easier for people to join specific subteams
* Teams give more transparency to how the work is divided
* Question: how can we properly delegate access to specific systems?
## Current team structure
* Current documented teams: 1. Core, 2. Infrastructure, 3. Developers
* Proposed teams: Core developers, infrastructure, documentation,
  security, packaging
* For future, discuss QA team for aports
* Agreed: No QA team for now
* Suggested team leads: core: ncopa, infra: clandmeter, documentation:
  spacetoast, security: ncopa, packaging: ncopa
* Core team: Core members, have oversight over project and takes lead over
  packaging and security
* Infra team: Takes care of the Alpine Linux infrastructure (maintaining
  servers and services)
* Packaging team: Members with (limited) access to aports, take care of
  packaging and accepting PRs / patches from the community
* Security team: Takes care of communication with vulnerability reporters,
  maintaining an Alpine security advisory program, and information sharing
  with other projects.
* Documentation team: Create and maintain official documentation for
  Alpine Linux
* [alpine-devel: [alpine-devel] a release engineering team?](
* Potential team: Release engineering. Need to find team members / people
  who want to contribute
## Documentation of teams
* Current documentation has a single page with one table per team.
* Initially this format can be copied, but later we might opt to have one
  page per team
* cross-team communication should be stimulated. Therefore, we should opt
  to not have automatic separate communication channels per team.
* Teams can request separate workspaces (namespaces) for collaboration
* Each team may have multiple team leads
## Team membership
* Team membership requirement: The team lead can decide to add team
  members. It's expected that a new team member has already contributed to
  the team and has shown to stay with the project.
* Team leads are decided by existing team leads. A proposed team lead
  should be already part of the specific team or in case of a new team, be
  member of another team.
* Action: provide a list of members to SpaceToast (documentation)
Any remarks or suggestions? The idea is to get this documented so it's
clear for everyone what they can expect. An initial version of this
documentation can be found here:
Let me know what you think.
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