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[alpine-devel] Some questions about initramfs-init.

From: Magicloud Magiclouds <>
Date: Sat, 30 Mar 2019 02:17:09 +0800


I'd like to propose a rewrite of the initrd `init` script. Because I
think it is quite mixed up of booting logic, and missing some
customization possibilities.

But before that, I need to get some questions clear. In following
discussion, "stage 1" means the initrd system (before switch_root),
"stage 2" means the actual system end user uses (after switch_root).

1. Why there is a keymap setup? I cannot see the necessity of it
except for fallback/single shell.
2. Why networking is after nlplug-findfs? Can I bring up network (if
needed) before nlplug-findfs?
3. Since nlplug-findfs already output a repofile, why there is a
find_boot_repositories soon after to overwrite repofile?
4. Since apk works without /etc/apk/arch, why overwrite it with `apk
--print-arch`, instead of just removing it?
5. The script contains two ways of using repofile. One is using it
directly as "--repositories-file", the other is joining its content
with "--repository". What is the difference?


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