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[alpine-devel] Should we drop armhf (armv6) support with 3.10 release?

From: Natanael Copa <>
Date: Thu, 4 Apr 2019 11:25:25 +0200


I wonder if can drop armhf (armv6) support with the 3.10 release, now
that we have armv7?

In practice it means that we no longer support Raspberry PI 1 and Zero.

We will still support those with alpine v3.9 for another year.

I believe dropping armhf (armv6) will save some resources when it comes
to managing build servers, disk space, spending time on fixing armhf
specific problems.

We may also optimize the vanilla kernel better for armv7, which
currently uses same config as armv6.

What do you think, can we drop armhf for v3.10 or should we wait til


Received on Thu Apr 04 2019 - 11:25:25 UTC