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[alpine-devel] [PATCH 2/2] Rework the base team description

From: Drew DeVault <>
Date: Tue, 9 Apr 2019 01:02:10 -0400

It's important to firmly establish the authority of the base team. The
guiding principles to which the base team holds itself are out-of-scope
for this document and better served elsewhere.
 modules/Teams/pages/index.adoc | 28 ++++++++++++----------------
 1 file changed, 12 insertions(+), 16 deletions(-)
diff --git a/modules/Teams/pages/index.adoc b/modules/Teams/pages/index.adoc
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_at_@ -26,13 +26,24 @@ There is no distinction between technical and non-technical team members. Both a
 == Team Structure
+== The Base team
+The Base team has ownership over Alpine Linux and is the last authority in any decision-making.
+For day-to-day operations, additional teams are established at the pleasure of the base team and given the authority necessary to conduct themselves.
+The Base team consists of 3 elected members, guaranteeing a quorum.
+Members of this team serve 3 year terms, staggered such that one member steps down per year.
+Each year, an election is held through a project-wide {votelink}[Vote].
+Members of the Base team cannot serve consecutive terms, but may be re-elected after a one year break.
 === Internal Organization
 Teams organize themselves internally however they want.
 However, all teams must have at least 1 admin, and at most 3.
 This document does contain multiple recommendations, which, if followed, will make external relations easier.
-Further, team administrators must follow non-team-local expectations.
+Further, team administrators must follow the policies of other teams when working in their domain.
 === Creating a New Team
+The base team needn't be involved in establishing every team - the project as a whole is permitted to self-govern in this respect.
 An existing team member within the project may propose creating a new team.
 In that scenario, the process will be the same as in <<_becoming_a_team_administrator>>.
 If the vote passes, the new team is formed, with the sponsor member as the only administrator.
_at_@ -42,21 +53,6 @@ A team is dissolved if it has no more members.
 If a team has no more administrators, one must be nominated, as in <<_becoming_a_team_administrator>>.
 If the vote does not pass, the team is dissolved as well.
-== The Base Team
-The Base team is purely an administrative one.
-It is also the only team that shall not have admins, and has a static number of members.
-The Base team must always have exactly 3 members, to guarantee quorum.
-The Base team technically owns Alpine.
-Alpine's policies apply to them, but they have the power to bypass them in case of extreme need.
-It is expected that the Base team does not do anything unless prompted.
-Violation of this without there being a strong need is effectively a violation of trust of the entire rest of the project.
-Similarly, the Base team is expected to trust team admins and members to do the correct thing on their own.
-Base team members are elected through a project-wide {votelink}[Vote].
-A term is 3 years long, and the terms are staggered (each year, a new Base team member must be elected).
-Term cycling is allowed - you cannot replace yourself, but you can replace the next person to rotate out.
 == Membership
 === Being a Member
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