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[alpine-devel] tcsh: upgrade and fixes

From: Milan P. Stanić <>
Date: Tue, 23 Apr 2019 13:09:42 +0200

Hi Dan,

[ Cc-ed to ]

I'm writing to you because your mail address is listed in 'Maintainer'
field for package community/tcsh in Alpine Linux aports.

I prepared patches with fixes which are in development version on

Also, I added system default config files which should be in /etc
directory and symlinks for 'csh' executable and configs.

I built it with these patches and using it on my machines.

I'm asking you do you have any objection if I send these patches to
Alpine aports, and do you have intention to maintain tcsh in Alpine.

Received on Tue Apr 23 2019 - 13:09:42 UTC