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[alpine-devel] vim fix and/or change

From: Milan P. Stanić <>
Date: Tue, 23 Apr 2019 18:55:19 +0200


Vim in current state in edge is somewhat problematic because vimdiff
subpackage depends on gvim (which is subpackage of vim) and gvim
conflicts with vim through 'provides"vim"' option.

I fixed this in my local build, but after looking at the current status
I think that vim needs a little more work.

My thoughts are about these:
Make vim-runtime subpackage with runtime files which is shared by vim
and gvim and set these to depend on vim-runtime.

Make small vim package (vim-basic, vim-tiny) which doesn't depends on
vim-runtime and 'conflicts' with vim and gvim.

Make vimdiff which depends on vim or gvim, and on diffutils.

Does this make sense or just fix vimdiff dependency on gvim is enough?

Received on Tue Apr 23 2019 - 18:55:19 UTC