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Cleaning up vserver

From: Natanael Copa <>
Date: Tue, 8 May 2012 17:02:44 +0200


Carlos box ( was one of the first vserver boxes ever
and has a bit different setup.

I would like to clean it up a bit.

* replace the current ext3 boot partition with a traditional vfat boot
  with run from tmpfs.
* upgrade vserver host to v2.4, 64bit.
* merge /vservers and /vservers/mirror partitions
  (/dev/vg0/vservers and /dev/vg0/mirror)
* replace ext3 with ext4

This should be fairly easy with ext4 resize and lvm. It is also a good
time to remove unused dead data.

vserver:/vservers# ls
alpdev lost+found
alpdev-2010-06-10.tar.gz mirror
alpdev-2011-03-29.tar.gz mirror-2011-03-29.tar.gz
alpine-bugs revproxy
alpine-monitor revproxy-04-09-2011.tar.gz
alpine-mysql revproxy-04-10-2011.tar.gz
alpine-nginx revproxy-backup
alpine-pg ubuntu-precise
alpine-test wwwedge
alpine-www wwwtest

What currently runs there:
10006 5 11.8M 2.2M 17m06s85 6m11s71 3d22h32 mirror
40001 25 372.6M 122.3M 1h43m05 8m26s43 3d22h32 alpine-www
40002 9 188M 12.7M 3m21s43 2m34s54 3d22h32 alpine-nginx
40003 3 294.1M 31.4M 2m18s68 0m14s78 3d22h32 alpine-mysql
40004 13 528.9M 431.4M 8h41m26 1h10m13 3d22h32 alpine-bugs

I wonder if I could just delete the stuff that is not running and
proceed with the other stuff?


Received on Tue May 08 2012 - 17:02:44 UTC