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build64-edge died

From: Natanael Copa <>
Date: Wed, 22 Aug 2012 09:17:09 +0200


The build64-edge died. It was hosted by nenolod.

Seems like nenolod is not interested in hosting it anymore so we need a
new place to set it up. We are thankful for the time he has hosted it.

I could set it up on together with the other
build servers (build-1-10, build-2-0, build-2-1, build-2-2, build-2-3,
build-2-4, build-edge, build64-2-2, build64-2-3, build64-2-4 + some
developer build boxes and git.a.o) but this is starting to run out of
disk space (82% used)

Option 1: we clean up and set build64-edge up
Option 2: we find some other place to host it

The build host requires x86_64 hardware and some CPU power.
Preferable something better than Dual core.

Other ideas?

Unless someone have anything better to come with I'll continue with
option 1.

Received on Wed Aug 22 2012 - 09:17:09 UTC