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bld1,bld2 upgraded

From: Natanael Copa <>
Date: Thu, 24 Oct 2013 16:11:42 +0200

I dont remember if i have emaild about bld1,bld2 status.

Those are supposed to replace the current build.a.o.

We use LXC instead of vserver.

so far I have moved:

build-edge -> build-edge-x86 _at_ bld1
build-2-6 -> build-2-6-x86 _at_ bld1

build64-edge -> build-edge-x86_64 _at_ bld2
build64-2-6 -> build-2-6-x86_64 _at_ bld2

I have also set up some dev boxes for Timo and me. (ttdev-* and ncdev-*)

Still running on (and vserver)
10007 1 14.5M 148K 0m00s27 0m00s18 21d04h06 build-1-10
10010 3 25.7M 1.2M 0m24s15 0m41s33 21d04h05 distfiles
10013 3 16.9M 492K 0m00s32 0m00s21 21d04h06 build-2-0
10014 3 15.5M 812K 0m05s74 0m08s26 21d04h06 build-2-1
10024 4 10.4M 808K 16m40s99 3m55s40 21d04h06 build-2-3
10025 4 86.4M 924K 8h55m01 37m49s34 21d04h06 build64-2-4
10028 4 51M 964K 15m25s24 4m18s49 21d04h06 build64-2-3
10030 4 16M 772K 8h33m03 30m12s55 21d04h06 build-2-4
10034 3 8.7M 692K 0m06s39 0m08s57 21d04h06 build-2-2
10035 3 41.1M 844K 0m05s68 0m09s39 21d04h06 build64-2-2
10036 16 103.2M 28.6M 1h13m35 19m24s98 21d04h05 git
10037 4 10.7M 788K 26m28s83 4m32s81 21d04h06 build-2-5
10125 4 39.5M 940K 23m18s97 5m04s70 21d04h06 build64-2-5

+ some dev/test vservers.

We can probably shutdown and archive build-1-10 and build*-2-[0-2].
build*-2-3 can likely be shut down after we release v2.7 so I don't
think we bother migrate it. Ithink we might need do some minor fixes in
openrc for v2.4 and possibly for v2.5 builders to be able to migrate
those to LXC, but I don't think its a big deal.

Today I also upgraded both bld1 and bld2 to alpine v2.6.6.

Received on Thu Oct 24 2013 - 16:11:42 UTC