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Re: Building community/cargo, build-edge-x86_64 is stuck

From: William Pitcock <>
Date: Mon, 30 Oct 2017 11:53:24 -0500


On Mon, Oct 30, 2017 at 11:39 AM, Jakub Jirutka <> wrote:
>> A manual intervention on each builder is not an acceptable solution.
>> Policy requires that builds be reproducible, in other words, that they can build with `abuild rootbld`.
>> So this change should not have been pushed to begin with.
> No, I thought this too, but it’s not how it really works. See below.
>> Look at the haskell + cabal packaging for inspiration, it is a similar situation, and is policy compliant.
> Have *you* looked at ghc (haskell) package? I did some time ago (and now), tried hard to figure out how does it build. There is `makedepends_build="$pkgname"`, so it depends on itself. There used to be package ghc-bootstrap, but it was not used anymore (and even that couldn’t work without manual intervention). I asked fabled about it and he explained me that ghc-bootstrap was only temporary for initial bootstrap, now ghc depends on itself and it must be probably manually installed on the builder when bootstrapping.

I did some time ago, when we had ghc-bootstrap package.
If this is the case, then it, too, is no longer policy compliant.

> The same situation is community/rust. I even mentioned this in my email.

The same situation of being policy non-compliant?

> Unfortunately the bootstrapping (and cross-compilation) process is still not documented anywhere, so I can refer only to information that I was told by more competent people like fabled.

Manual intervention on the builders does not seem like a good idea to
me, which is probably why it's not compliant with policy.

I suspect the ghc-bootstrap package was dropped because of the
depsolver bug I solved back in April.
The bootstrap package would have a provides entry for the compiler
with a version of 0.
This would allow the real compiler to always "win" the preference.

>> A solution would be to take a copy of the cargo package from
> This is actually a good idea. I can keep it as it was before, just use our cargo binary instead of now non-existence binary from the upstream.

You could do that, or what I was inferring was that the binary itself
was still available on
All the builders copy their sources to that server.

> fabled or ncopa, could you please explain how is ghc and similar packages handled? Ideally directly on wiki, or just via email and I will copy it to wiki.

Instead, lets solve these problems correctly, please.
Indeed, the only thing we have learned today is that Haskell is also broken.

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