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Re: Mailing lists overhaul updates

From: Carlo Landmeter <>
Date: Sat, 20 Apr 2019 14:17:22 +0800

Sorry that i didn't have time earlier to reply your email.
I'm still on my business trip but i'll be back after next week.

Nathan, Do you have any concerns about this migration?

On Thu, 11 Apr 2019 at 23:12, Drew DeVault <> wrote:

> Hiya! Been working on setting up for Alpine over the past
> few days, and I think everything's in place. To summarize, Carlo set up
> the listserv container for me to work in, and I installed & configured
> the necessary software there. There were a number of upstream changes
> required, but the rub is:
> - Old hyperkitty archives can be imported
> - Old hyperkitty web archive URLs can be redirected to the new archives
> - Old mlmmj subscriptions can be imported
> - The posting addresses have changed, but redirects were put in place so
> the old ones still work
Thanks a lot for your time and help setting this up. It is highly
I know we haven't always been easy to deal with, but i think you understand
the reasoning.

> If you want to play with the result, check out
> If you want an account, reach out to me
> for an invite (registrations are closed to the public) -
> ddevault_at_freenode or via email is fine. Incoming emails are wired up
> but I didn't import subscribers, so feel free to post a few test emails
> if you want (if you Cc me, I can go delete them from the archives
> later).

I didn't really have time to test it in depth, i will do that after next
From what i've seen until now i like, and you seem to care about our
concerns which is super nice.

> On the listserv box, there's a README at /home/ddevault going over some
> of the technical details, including notably the credentials for the
> "alpine" meta-user which has ownership over the lists. Future
> improvements to the upstream project should eliminate the need for this
> weird meta-user and clean things up a bit.

Looking forward for that change.

> I've done a full end-to-end test of all of the features and migration
> details, and I believe everything is in good working order. The
> remaining work-items are:
> 1. Finish configuring the new lists
> a. Create & configure the lists on
> b. Import the archives
> c. Import the subscribers
> d. Create the hyperkitty redirects for nginx
> (These procedures are outlined in detail in the README)
> 2. Cut over DNS for lists2.a.o -> lists.a.o
> a. Update nginx config on listserv
> b. Update /etc/ on listserv
> c. Update postfix transport db on smtp.a.o
> 3. Backfill any emails & subscriptions in the archive that came in
> during the migration process
Let's do that after next week. I'll ping you on IRC.

P.S. I think you are referring to hypermail instead of hyperkitty.

Again, thanks a lot!

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