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[alpine-user] Cannot login to xfce4

From: Roland Senn <>
Date: Fri, 23 Oct 2015 17:23:50 +0200

I installed Alpine linux from the alpine-3.2.3-x86_64.iso disk on a
virtual machine under qemu.

I configured the machine with virt-manager. I had the following options
for the virtual display hardware: Cirrus, VGA, VMVGA, Xen and QLX. I
selected QLX, because I found and installed the xf86-video-qxl driver

I installed Xorg and Xfce4 according to: . I added a new file
~/.xinitrc with a single line "exec startxfce4".

When I start the graphical desktop with 'rc-service lxdm start' I get
the nice login screen of xfce4. I can enter my user name and my
password, but it just shows the login screen again. I don't see any
error message. Same behaviour, if I try to login with root.

I looked at the /var/log/lxdm.log file (attached to this message),
googled some of the error messages, but didn't find anything usable.

What do I have to change or add to be able to login?

Many thanks

Received on Fri Oct 23 2015 - 17:23:50 UTC