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Re: [alpine-user] How do I add openssh to the packages that are loaded at boot time?

From: Cág <>
Date: Fri, 28 Oct 2016 13:19:11 +0100

Steffen Nurpmeso wrote:

> I always dreamed of a Linux Kernel with a BSD userland, it is very
> homogenous.

MirOS and Starch tried to do that, but Starch is dead now and MirOS
is close to that. stali in its beginning was about putting BSD, I
but can be wrong (so it was before ubase). Also, Busybox is anyway
than GNU, so if you put it on top of the kernel you have more chances to
Here in Alpine we pretty much have the same binary incompatibility with
We can hope musl to become the standard though by looking at how many
use it or switched to it, so this isn't some kind of crazy utopia.

The kernels are flexible there too. There is a project that makes NetBSD
to fit
on a floppy (Alpine by the way started like that).

Alpine makes maintaining a system very easy (for me, comparing to BSD
and ports)
starting from the package manager and ending with setup-* scripts.


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