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Re: [alpine-user] How do I add openssh to the packages that are loaded at boot time?

From: Levente Kovacs <>
Date: Sat, 29 Oct 2016 22:53:26 +0200

On Sat, 29 Oct 2016 17:45:18 +0100
Cág <> wrote:

> 1) File systems. The most popular choice, ext4, is better in both
> speed and
> features than UFS. And there is diversity of file systems in Linux.
> 2) Package management. apk is very simple yet powerful. This should
> be one of the
> reasons why I use Alpine actually. Coming from dpkg- or rpm-based,
> where package
> making is painful, you would see the difference.
> 3) Flexibility. It's very easy to rebuild almost an entire system,
> replace
> the userland and the kernel. In BSDs you probably aren't supposed to
> replace
> your userland. In NetBSD the base install doesn't come as packages.
> 4) Because I am more familiar with Linux overall and the kernel in
> particular.
> Comfort zone, if you want.
> 5) Hardware support. A couple of years ago I tried to install OpenBSD
> on my
> then one year old machine and found out that my wireless card wasn't
> supported
> and the driver would be written a year after.

Fair points.

This is why I switched back from FreeBSD (on desktop) to Linux. I was
using it for one year. Then, only my server runs it.

However, you should try ZFS. It is very common in *BSDs, and it has great
features. TrueOS uses that for example.

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