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[alpine-user] Docker service does not start automatically

From: Oliver Treichel <>
Date: Sat, 07 Jan 2017 10:44:04 +0000


I have a strange problem with the startup of services. I've installed
Alpine Linux 3.5 with vanilla Kernel on Hyper-V (the standard kernel does
not work on Hyper-V) and added docker via apk from the community
repository. As instructed in the tutorial, I added the docker service to
the system startup via 'rc-update add docker boot'. Docker does show up
when I call rc-update without parameters afterwards. However, when I
reboot, the service is not started automatically. Instead, I need to start
it manually with 'rc-service docker start'. Then, it runs without problems.

I can't find any reason why the docker service is not started automatically
by OpenRC. There are no error messages in dmsg and /var/log/messages. The
docker.log is not even touched. I've also tried older versions of Alpine
Linux (3.4.6) and other startup levels (default in stead of boot) without

Can anyone help?


Received on Sat Jan 07 2017 - 10:44:04 UTC