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[alpine-user] Wiki Admins Contact, xen_pciback, openrc

From: PÁSZTOR György <>
Date: Sun, 25 Jun 2017 15:40:14 +0200


The whole story, in historycal order:
- I bumped into a problem, while I tried to "hide" one pci device from the
Xen Dom0.
- I found this wiki page:
- It was almost good, except the hwdrivers service starts earlier then the
  modules in openrc, even if modules depends() says that it should run
  before hwdrivers.
- I checked rc-update. I found that hwdrivers is in sysinit, while modules
  is in the boot runlevel. -> rc-update add modules sysinit
- Problem solved. I tried to document this into the wiki. So, I registered.
I tried to add this one line to the proper place in the wiki page:

{{Warning|Since ''modules'' is in ''boot'' runlevel, while ''hwdrivers'' is in ''sysinit'' runlevel, you might consider to run <code>rc-update add modules sysinit</code> too before your <code>lbu ci</code>}}

- Wiki told me this: "This action has been automatically identified as
  harmful, and therefore disallowed. If you believe your action was
  constructive, please inform an administrator of what you were trying to
  do. A brief description of the abuse rule which your action matched is:
  New users are not allowed to add ip addresses and phone numbers"
Well, no contact to any "administrator", or where could I contact them.

My Questions:
- Can they extend this error message, with some more useful information,
  eg. where can they be contacted? I tried IRc first. But no admins were
  there. Now I try this way. After this point, I don't care: I tried my
  best to contribute back. I think, it would be beneficial to them aswell,
  to not scary away new users like me.
  Btw.: kudos for devs! I've just found alpinelinux, and I like it! I'm new
  to alpine only! I started to learn linux systems ca. 20 years ago. Than
  with an AT&T SysVR4. Later RedHat and Debian, even later Ubuntu, even
  later {,Open}Solaris, then when Sun was {No PC phrase fits here}
  illumos based systems. So I far from a newbie on the Linux/Un*x field.
- As you can see: no phone number or ip address were in my comment. I can
  not find out, how this could be harmful. What kind of spooky regex they
  wrote, to find this line as "harmful"?
- What should I do in any different way?

PS.: Originally, I planned to fill a bugreport aswell. Or send a PR. I
haven't read that part of the Contribute page yet, how can sy contribute
with bugfix. Or write to the alpine-devel list. Or... I don't know alpine
what well yet, to know how things are going here. I saw a couple of
examples with Debian's BTS. I hope this is not the same approach ;-)
At least, I assume that was not intentional to write the dependency that
way, then put them to different runlevels.
But, as I said: that is the long-term solution. The wiki fix would be
the short-term fix, if sy runs into the same situation like me.


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