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[alpine-user] Bug in busybox's sort -s ?

From: Assaf Gordon <>
Date: Sun, 20 Aug 2017 20:11:42 -0600


I encountered strange result with "sort -s" on Alpine 3.6.2.
Wanted to check with you before filing a bug:

The following two commands (with and without -s) give different
result on alpine linux 3.6.2/amd64,
withg busybox v1.26.2 (2017-08-03 13:08:12 GMT):

  $ printf "a X 1\nA X 2\nA x 5\n" | sort -k1,1
  A X 2
  A x 5
  a X 1

  $ printf "a X 1\nA X 2\nA x 5\n" | sort -k1,1 -s
  A x 5
  A X 2
  a X 1

They give the same result (as they should) with
coreutil's, FreeBSD and OpenBSD's sort.

Strangely, I also get the correct same result
when building busybox on a Debian machine,
tried both the latest git and tag 1_26_2.

It's only on an Alpine VM that I get this discrepancy.

Any ideas?

 - assaf

Received on Sun Aug 20 2017 - 20:11:42 UTC