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Re: [alpine-user] Multiple initramfs appears not to work

From: Andrew Stuart <>
Date: Mon, 8 Jan 2018 07:26:29 +1100

> "The kernel will decompress the stream of compressed cpio archives passed to it by the 'append' bootloader option to the root of 'rootfs', a tmpfs automatically mounted at '/' by the kernel at boot."
> As far as I can tell, Alpine appears to ignore all except the first initramfs.

>>>>That is because the bootloader and kernel do not really work this way.

Perhaps you can help me understand….. what code exactly is it that Alpine would require/does not have to support this functionality (that other distros such as Ubuntu & Tiny Core have)? I’ve read quite a bit of stuff but can’t quite put the finger on how Alpine is different in this regard to for example Ubuntu and Tiny Core Linux and I presume other Linux distros? I had thought that using syslinux to boot would be sufficient.

>>>>It is not really possible, sorry.
OK I can stop trying to find the incantation - that will save me alot of time anyway :-)



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