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Re: [alpine-user] can't open a specific manual if there are multiple almost identical fnames

From: Cág <>
Date: Fri, 02 Feb 2018 19:43:56 +0000

Svyatoslav Mishyn wrote:

> just noticed by accident that cannot open in Alpine Linux some
> manuals e.g. scandir(3).
> Then checked mandocdb that scandir(3) is there (also why are there
> double slashes?).
> /home/juef: sudo /usr/sbin/makewhatis -D -a -T utf8 /usr/share/man
> 2>&1 | grep scandir
> /usr/share/man//man3/scandir.3.gz: Adding to database
> /usr/share/man//man3/scandir.3p: Adding to database
> Should mandoc handle such case?

Probably yes. man-db has the "-e" option for "extension". Anyway, if
you need a specific manual page you can use "mandoc -l

> Or should 'man-pages' package be fixed
> now, `man n scandir`, opens /usr/share/man/mann/scandir.3.gz
> So, doesn't mandoc look at the file extention to determine its
> section?

I made a man3p directory in /usr/share/man, then put scandir.3p there,
now "man scandir" opens the Linux manual page, "man 3p scandir" opens
the alphasort(3p) manual page.

The project itself becomes a mess on Alpine. You have manuals for POSIX
commands, and may suppose that they are for Busybox commands, that
occasionally don't comply with POSIX; unfortunately Busybox doesn't
have its own man pages. You have manuals for glibc functions that
are absent in musl. So, for stuff like kernel headers and system calls
I'm all for having a package.

> +++ Is there a possibility in apk to make a local search
> by the file names for all packages including not installed?
> Similar what web-interface[3] can do or CRUX's prt-get[4].

Currently you can't search or view contents of an uninstalled package.
This is a nice feature to have though.
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